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Noir Intense

Peru, Paraguay, Dominican Republic
Cooperatives: Acopagro, CONACADO, Manduvira/El Arroyense/Montillo

A chocolate like no other, in a sense, perfect!

A seemingly perfect blend of Peruvian cocoa beans, cocoa butter from Paraguay, and whole cane sugar from the Dominican Republic…all fair trade and organic…no other ingredients; prepared in a highly traditional, time consuming manner.

Noir Intense was judged to be the best chocolate out of 24 leading brands of chocolate by Que Choisir, the consumer research association, in France; this, despite the fact that all other chocolates were 70% cacao, whilst Noir Intense
is 60% cacao.

Noir Intense was selected not only for its taste, but also due to other factors that are the hallmark of Alter Eco: using only cocoa butter, no other fats, having complete traceability, and being committed to fair trade.

It would seem that Noir Intense is the perfect chocolate. Still, not wishing to rest on its laurels, Alter Eco has gone a step further. From producers to consumers, we pledge to offset all CO2 emissions related to the preparation of Noir Intense by funding reforestation projects in the Peruvian Amazon.
One of the most effective ways of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere is to plant a maximum of tropical trees, which are responsible for transforming carbon into oxygen. Therefore, Alter Eco has chosen to proceed with the cooperative Acopagro, producer of cocoa in Peru, helping to finance a project to plant 2 million trees of various species in 5 years, which will capture nearly 1 million tons of CO2!