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Alter Eco Chocolat Noir Fondant

Origins: Philippines, Peru, Dominican Republic
Cooperatives: Acopagro, Alter Trade, CONACADO


ALTER ECO Organic Noir Fondant Chocolate is 100% natural - no chemical additives, artificial flavors or emulsifiers were used in its production. We carefully selected the finest cocoa and added a touch of milk to round-off the flavor of this dark chocolate and make it supremely smooth.

All of our chocolates are Fair Trade Certified™. This means that the farmers who grew the ingredients were paid a better, more stable price for their crops than in conventional trade. The cocoa in this chocolate was grown and harvested by members of the Acopagro cooperative located in the heart of the Peru Amazon. By purchasing this chocolate, you are directly helping 1800 small-scale farmers achieve higher living standards and protect their environment through sustainable agriculture.