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Black Chocolate Almonds Crystals Crisp

Origins: Philippines, Peru, Dominican Republic
Cooperatives: Acopagro, Alter Trade, CONACADO

A delicious crunch!

A delicious organic dark chocolate - 100% natural - no emulsifier, no other additives, combined with crunchy almond flakes! Perhaps this chocolate could introduce you to the immense challenge and pleasure to change the world!

Did you know?

A drying method unlike others

In the conventional cocoa market, fire is used to speed up the drying of the cocoa beans, which often gives a smoky aftertaste. In the cooperative Acopagro, drying is 100% natural: the organic cocoa beans are placed on mats in the sun, to ensure the highest possible taste and quality of the final chocolate. The recipe for Noir Amandes is very simple: all ingredients are from organic farming, No soy lecithin or artificial flavours are used. Only natural methods of cultivation, harvesting and processing are used. This has the double benefit of promoting sustainable development whilst providing you with a delicious chocolate.

The many benefits of chocolate

Not only does Alter Eco delight your taste buds with its exceptional taste, but it also calms you, and benefits your skin! At least that's what some researchers and dietitians say. Chocolate contains substances that fight against stress and depression, and activates receptors linking to pleasure.

Phenylethylamine, quite a convoluted name, is a hormone that is found in both the brain and in chocolate; sometimes known as the "pleasure hormone", its structure is similar to amphetamine. We can also find the presence of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, endorphins and anandamide, which also explain the virtues of the "anti-depression" effect of chocolate. The anandamide stimulates sensory perception that can cause a feeling of euphoria.