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Dark Chocolate Orange Peels


Origins: Peru, Paraguay, Dominican Republic
Cooperatives: Acopagro, CONACADO, Manduvira/El Arroyense/Montillo


Common sense exalts the senses...

When we take the finest ingredients, such as cocoa beans from Peru which are very aromatic, some whole cane sugar and some organic oranges rigorously selected, that we buy it on terms that allow producers to live and work in acceptable conditions, then combining all this in a 100% organic recipe which takes its time, also we replace the emulsifiers and other agents of texture by the taste of a lot of patience and a little love, we get a real moment of simple pleasure, true ... and useful. Common sense in the service of sense!

A bitter-sweet romantic interlude between the vigorous and authentic aroma of Peruvian cocoa and the sweet, fruity innocence of natural, organic orange peel.