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Noir Absolu 85% Cocoa


Origins: Peru, Paraguay, Dominican Republic
Acopagro, Conacado, Manduvira/El Arroyense/Montillo


First Crack!
Powerful… the aroma that rises from the freshly opened pack.

Second Crack!
A delicious and intense chocolate flavour develops on your tongue, submerging in your throat, tickling your nostrils.

Third Crack!
The last black piece remains at the end of your coffee. Pure, uncompromising, proud of its identity, it remains stoic and proud in front of the fate that awaits it; for it knows, as well as you…. in a few moments ... it will be all gone!

Three CRACKS, just like three shots in a theater. These three cracks are the prologue to the story that binds you, which binds us all, to the small producers of the cooperative Acopagro Peru. This tablet 85% cocoa, uncompromising, passionate, for enthusiasts of real dark chocolate, is an allegory of our commitment. Absolute quality, passionate about justice and fairness, it is the mark of innocence, of pure and shared human experience.