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Coffee pur Arabica from Peru

Origins: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
Cooperatives: Cepicafe, Coaine, Procap

Selected Pure Arabica Coffee 

For over 5 years it takes the place in your usual coffee cups, this pure organic Arabica Alter Eco has shown that he had the body but also the spirit!

The Body: a full-bodied flavor, rich, well balanced through careful selection of raw Peruvian, Bolivian and Ecuadorian. This is a great organic coffee, with a fabulous flavor.

The Spirit : a symbolic coffee, the first distributed by Alter Eco, which demonstrates that the way we trade determines the quality of a product, its taste and the pleasure that one has to buy it and enjoy it .

Since early 2007, coffee prices, like those of many agricultural commodities, rose sharply. For pure Arabica coffee, they have exceeded the standard minimum price of the Fairtrade label: what is the interest then to continue to buy Alter eco coffee?

Here are three good reasons, among many others:

Direct purchase:
the price of coffee on the New York Stock Exchange determines a FOB (Free On Board), it means the price at the port of departure from country of origin. As long as coffee has changed hands several times between the producers and the port of departure, the increase in the price unfortunately does not benefit to farmers but only to brokers and dealers.

By buying coffee directly to its producer cooperatives, Alter Eco ensures that the price paid benefits directly to producers.

The Pricing :
When the price of a product exceeds the standard price Max Havelaar, we readjust our prices on the world price and adding a premium (premium Development) which allows producers to fund community projects.

For example CEPICAFE (cooperative in Peru) was able, thanks to this bonus, optimize the quality of its production and develop organic farming. Coraca Ri (Bolivia), meanwhile, has developed rural tourism and Procap (Ecuador) was able to build offices.

The principle of minimum price below which we will never go down and can at least cover production costs, is also an important guarantee of stability in terms of price volatility in agricultural commodities.

Sustained commitment :
Alter eco prefinances free purchases from producers and continued commitment with the same cooperative, which is essential to enable producers to organize, plan, and therefore essential for the establishment of development process.