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Cafe Mocha Awasa pure Arabica from Ethiopia  

Origin: Ethiopia
Cooperative: SIDAMA

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee (see legend of Kaldi below). Mocha, a port city of Yemen on the Red Sea, opposite Ethiopia, became the major marketplace for coffee from the 15th to 17th centuries. Mocha remains prized as one of the best coffee beans in the world, providing a rich, deep, and yet mellow coffee flavour with a hint of chocolate.

Ethiopian coffee is widely regarded as the best in the world! As evidence, the Ethiopians themselves drink half of their harvest!

This great Arabica is grown in traditional farming under shade and under the principles of organic farming, at an altitude between 1,770 and 2,200 meters. Every woman and every man in the Cooperative Yirgacheffe (born in 2002 from the amalgamation of 21 local cooperatives) put their heart into their work to offer you a unique coffee that is legendary. The 42,065 farmers benefit from the premiums generated by the sale of their harvest to Alter Eco in infrastructure, including roads that have been improved to facilitate access to the villages of the producers.  

 A taste of urgency for fans of "Mocha" ... and for those who love Africa!

You can bring a touch of 100% natural gourmet by eating one of Alter Eco’s delicious chocolates whilst sipping on your coffee (read more on chocolate Alter Eco)…definitely a
dream combination.

Did you know?

The Legend of Kaldi:

According to legend, Kaldi was an Ethiopian goat herder who lived around 800 AD in the Kaffa region (where the name coffee originates from). It seems that his goats became quite energized after eating the bright red berries from a certain bush. Curious, Kaldi tried the berries for himself and was exhilarated by the effect they had. He brought the berries to a nearby monastery, but the priest disapproved and threw the beans into a fire. The subsequent enticing aroma prompted them to retrieve the roasted beans from the embers; they were subsequently ground and dissolved in hot water, yielding the first cup of coffee.

Ethiopia is a country of 77 million people that produces a national wealth six times less than the wealth of Bill Gates (estimated at about $ 50 billion).