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Pure Arabica coffee Oaxaca Mexico

Origin: Mexico
Cooperative: UCIRI

Full-bodied and tasty

Travel back in time for a coffee from the Chiapas region - the origin of fair trade.

Grown at over 800 meters of altitude, the coffee cherries that contain the full-bodied and flavorful beans grow in the shade of senior avocado, banana or orange trees, in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture.

Alter Eco’s Coffee Oaxaca Mexico is produced by the legendary cooperative UCIRI. Founded in 1983, it has 2,782 members, including the priest worker Frans Van Der Hoff. Born in 1939 in the Netherlands, he is the co-founder of the association and label Max Havelaar. According to his favorite motto "dream but eyes wide open," in 1988 he joined the families of growers' Cooperative Union of Natives of the Isthmus Region, "the first cooperative to receive the Max Havelaar label.

Through its activity, UCIRI finances projects aimed at improving the living conditions of farmers and future generations through the development of the region; including housing, diversity programs, and financial services for marginalized indigenous populations.