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Pure Arabica Coffee - Pacaya Guatemala



Origin: Guatemala
Cooperative: Fedecocagua


Intense and fruity

This exceptional organic pure Arabica coffee is grown in the heart of the Pacaya in Guatemala, on rich volcanic soils associated with great coffees! Its very aromatic and fruity aroma is the result of traditional methods of cultivation. In the interests of preserving biodiversity, coffee cherries grow in the shade of huge banana trees; they are harvested manually and individually, in respect of the criteria of organic farming. This is the best way to look after man and the Earth while providing an exceptional product. Taste the difference!


Commitment N°.8 Alter Eco : promoting natural methods of production


Founded in 1969, Fedecocagua is a federation of 130 groups of small producers that now has 19 400 members. The premiums generated by the activity of fair trade has helped the development of micro-credit to enable small producers to equip themselves and enhance their lives by obtaining loans and preferential repayment terms.