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A more demanding fair trade

We advocate for fair trade more demanding. Our work revolves around two types of claims:
The defense of the model "small producers"

Alter Eco works only with cooperatives petitsproducteurs
These hold between 1 and 5 hectares and are grouped in cooperatives they own. A fair price is paid to the cooperative to cover production costs. A premium is added for Development to finance social projects and environmental interests of producers. This is a model of family farming in which the producer works his land without recourse to a permanent workforce.

Many Fairtrade products are the choice of model "plantation"

These are large private agricultural structures which are committed to improving the lives of employees. Plantations are more powerful than cooperatives and produce a lower cost allowing them to sell at a price lower than that paid to small producers. This model does not rely on the autonomy of producers but the better living of employees.

There is also a model of agriculture which often mechanized and industrialized competition and threatens the family farm.

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