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Quality and Process Controls

All our products are subjected to rigorous, recognized quality and hygienic controls, including HACCP control, bacteriological testes, physical-chemical, microbiological, and organoleptic tests.

Safety and Regulatory

Food safety is a key requirement for Alter Eco. We respect and follow the French and European regulations, but also have specific requirements of Alter Eco, with detailed product specifications. To ensure the safety of its products, Alter Eco has established a comprehensive surveillance plan on all its products, based on a risk assessment on products and channels. The products are tested and analyzed at specific frequencies to ensure their quality and their compliance with our requirements.

We carry out microbiological, physical-chemical, pesticide residues, heavy metals etc... in accordance with our internal control plan. In addition, regulatory changes are monitored to ensure strict observance of existing regulations.

Quality for Development

Our strong requirements in terms of quality contribute to the development process of pour cooperative partners. Some cooperatives heva support programs and aid for agricultural development, wether at the state level or at the level of independent bodies.

These structures are a valuable aid to farmers because the teaching of good production practices allows them to achieve an optimum product quality and required by Alter Eco.

The quality requirement is beneficial in both directions, upstream and downstream, because it can offer the best products to consumers and therefore it encourages producers to provide the best quality and continuously improve their production practices and compliance products.

The implementation of HACCP in our suppliers enables them to identify, assess and control biological hazards, with a thorough analysis of critical points throughout the process.

This method aims to control hazards, and allows cooperatives to evolve appropriately in an environment where providing food safety is paramount.

One of the emissions of Alter eco is to support cooperative partners in their continuous improvement. To do this, visits and audits of cooperatives are regularly organized and quality monitoring is carried out. As part of their development, we advise and accompany them to enable them to best meet the requirements of export markets.

Quality for fun

During the development of new products, taste is at the heart of process of product and supplier selection. Our intention is to offer the best possible products for consumers.

The selection of the best organoleptic quality is a result of many sensory tests that are made before confirming a taste or a recipe.

These sensory tests are conducted with a panel of internal and / or external experts. For composite products, we carefully select each ingredient because we always include the maximum amount of natural ingredients as possible.

One major feature of Alter Eco's products is the unique and original character of taste due to variety, origin and terroir. Our mission is to offer products from a country, region and know-how, which will provide an authentic flavor. This applies, for example, our single origin coffees (Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico...) which are all carefully selected during the development phase and whose quality is rigorously followed.

To discover little known flavors is also one of the emissions Alter Eco has set. Exceptional products enrich the range of flavours from Aletr eco: such as black Bolivian quinoa, Thailand longan honey, or Guava spread from Brazil. Consuming fair trade must involve the pleasure of discovering good food, that is also healthy, and which provides a real alternative to economic and culinary brands.