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I founded Alter Eco, a company specializing in the import and distribution of fair trade products. I also founded a collective fight against deforestation and climate change, through extensive reforestation projects in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay, target 12 million trees by 2012. Born in 1973, I graduated from HEC Paris and the Foundation Getulio Vargas (Sao Paulo, Brazil) in 1996. After a first experience within the L'Oreal Group in South Korea, I launched Alter Eco in 1998.

Alter Eco is a company specialized in importing and distributing fair trade products. We currently import around 100 products from 40 cooperatives in over 30 countries (Asia, Africa, South America). We contribute to the development of self-sustainable groups of small disadvantaged producers in developing countries. We help them gain access to international markets according to international principles of Fair Trade (FLO standards, Max Havelaar label) and distribute their products in over 3,000 outlets (medium and large retailers). Our goal is to show that we can participate in the development of poor countries through the development of a profitable business. I'm just as likely to be meeting the producers in over 25 countries in the South as to be meeting distributors, investors… in the North. It is this reconciliation between two worlds that inspires me and motivates me.
Alter Eco made 17 million euros turnover in France in 2006 and launched commercial operations in the United States and Australia, as well as distributing in Japan.

The objective of Alter Eco is to achieve trade that is fairer than what presently occurs, leveraging market and economic mechanisms. We have a strong audit culture, and aim to be as efficient and effective as possible, to participate in the development of the movement in the long term. It is a huge project.


Fair trade, biodiversity, sustainable development, travel, Brazil, carbon offset.

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