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Objectif Carbone Zero

We calculate the CO2 emissions of our cars, we evaluate the GHG (greenhouse gas) of our homes, we determine the carbon footprints of our businesses. That's good. But then what? Afterwards, we act with Objectif Carbone Zero! Launched by Pure Project in early 2008, this program embodies the process of reduction and compensation of GHG and links the fair trade with the organic.




The approach OCZ

Whether for the production of a chocolate bar, organizing special events or your own wedding, Objectif Carbone Zero (OCZ) will first assess the emissions of greenhouse gases generated. Then, the program will explore ways to reduce these releases before putting in place a compensation plan.

The Carbon Assessment

Companies can determine their GHG emissions through the Balance Sheet Carbon© by the ADEME, in France.
But you also can calculate your carbon footprint! Try so:

Did you know?

The salon Planète Durable, 1st exhibition of sustainable development in Paris during four days, have produced in 2008 the equivalent of 104 tonnes of CO2. In 2009, the exhibition became the partner of Pure Projet and make planted about 300 trees to offset its carbon footprint.

Carbon reduction

Before trying to offset CO2 emissions, we should try first to reduce it! For individuals, many small actions can reduce our environmental footprint as turning off lights in empty rooms, or do not heat unoccupied room, drive the car smoothly, etc..
For manufacturers, we notice that the post linked to the production of packaging can represent up to 66% of the total carbon footprint. So, we should optimize the production using techniques more environmentally friendly.

Carbon offsetting

Quantities of GHG are converted to equivalent carbon or CO2 equivalent (1 tonne of carbon represent 3.66t of CO2). Thus, when we speak of "CO2 footprint" (or carbon) of a product or activity, it is a unit of measure and not the real quantity of CO2 produced.

So why not have this project called "Target Zero GHG"? Because carbon offsetting is realized through reforestation programs, and the trees absorb CO2 ... So it directly links the carbon footprint of an activity with the number of trees planted to compensate the carbon produced.

Objectif Carbone Zero

The Organic, Fair Trade and OCZ

Before You could blame the fair-trade products to deviate from one of the fundamental rules of Bio: focusing on local products to reduce pollution related to transport of goods.
The problem is that close to home, it is rare to see a banana or a cocoa tree. So how to eat a bar of organic chocolate without feeling guilty and going through the process of bio?

With the triple guarantee: Fair Trade, Organic Agriculture and Target Zero Carbon!



Eat a chocolate bar with all these labels become less impacting to the environment than eating a vegetable salad sold by the nearest farmer...

The Objectif Carbone Zero, a Pure Projet initiative

Pure Projet is a company founded by Tristan Lecomte in 2008, the same man who created Alter Eco in 1998. Alter Eco is also the first brand that is part of a comprehensive sustainable development approach with the triple guarantee OCZ, organic and fair trade.

Pure Projet proposes the purchase of "carbon credits". Think about it for your great events!