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Our Guarantees

Since the creation of alter Eco in 1998, our approach is to offer maximum guarantees in our approach and the quality of our products. These stringent safeguards are an integral part of our ambitious vision of fair trade and our transparency policy. They aim to reassure you about the seriousness of our approach and to help you make a purchase in good conscience.

Max Havelaar

All Alter Eco's products carry the Max Havelaar and fair trade label, where the channels are in place. When the label doesn't yet exist for a particular stream, Alter eco fixes, with producers, the minimum price and the development bonus.

More information about the FLO system-Max Havelaar



AB Label

55% of Alter Eco products are certified organic and carry the AB label (100% of the products sold in Japan). Most other products in the range are produced naturally and are in transition to organic farming, but they are not yet certified.

Fair trade and organic certification helps to ensure the maximum benefit and security for producers in terms of the triple stream: economic, social and environmental.

Objectif Carbone Zero

We are also ensuring that all Alter Eco products are CO2 neutral. This is represented by the OCZ ("Target Zero Carbon") logo, which guarantees that all carbon emissions related to production, processing, transportation and even consumption of our products are offset by a reforestation program. This does not yet include the transportation to, and distribution within, Japan though we plan to include this as well as soon as possible.



Alter Eco is committed to:

Producers in The South - provide maximum added value, development support

Consumers in The North - great tsating products with meaning

The Environment - by promoting organic farming, protecting biodiversity, and to compensate the CO2 emissions related to our business

Since 2005, we calculate, we reduce and compensate the maximum CO2 emissions related to our business. In 2008 the program OZC (Objectif Zero Carbon) was established by Alter Eco. Hereby it is taking forward its commitment to respect and protect nature through a pioneering project of reforestation within the cooperative.

Discover the first chocolate 100% fair, 100% organic and carbon offset!

The CO2 offset program of the alter Eco's products.


World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

As an organization for fair trade, Alter Eco is member of WFTO, World Fair Trade Organization.

Learn More about WFTO



Internal Tools

In addition to labels and external guarantees, we have developed since we began our own tools and methodologies for auditing and control that allow us to further increase the level of safeguards that we can put at your disposal.

Awards and Honors

Silver Trophy for 7th trophies Quality Kitchen and Wines of France.

EDC Ethics & Governance Price in 2004, rewarding the best ethic initiative business.

Double Price "Future Planet" in 2005 for sustainable agroforestry project in Brazil with the APA cooperative as well as the dimension "Conscience" of the management.

Gazelle award 2005 awarded by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, rewarding our strong growth.